"We Won't Die"

In April 2012, we released our self-titled debut EP, Jude Moses. The responses we had to our songs were encouraging and humbling. The single "Mistaken Hands" reached #17 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts. Even more encouraging were the individuals who shared their love for our music whether in person after a show, or on the internet, your words encouraged us to keep going.  Since then, we have been writing music and performing it across the country. We've been touring with great bands and getting inspired by our country's varied landscapes and the stories within them. We've enjoyed working on musical projects like our cover of Misty Mountain Cold, and our music video for Oak Tree.

With our music, our heart is to create something that resonates with the listener. Our desire to create brought us to our second project. Stephen Williams asked Jesse Proctor and Shae Wooten to join him in this new Jude Moses record, and we began collaborating on what would eventually become the album - We Won't Die.

Our Kickstarter campaign raised $11,000 in November of 2013, which allowed us to independently produce this new album. We flew to Jesse's hometown of Seattle, WA to write, record, and create, and then added layers and continued to build the sounds in Nashville and Charlotte. When it was finished, it was truly a collaboration of our most talented musician friends. We were lucky to have the opportunity to work with such talented producers, songwriters, instrumentalists and vocalists. This record debuted in February of 2015 and is available on iTunes and Spotify.